New Sound Waves Presents: Open Circuit



WHEN: 5-11pm – 13 May 2017

COST: $5 on door

Open Circuit is an open mic night for experimental modular synthesis and electronic music.

Bring your Eurorack, Buchla, Monome, Moog, 5U, Serge, etc. All welcome, even computers (if you must).

5pm to 7pm: Hang / talk shop / kick tyres

If you want to get into modular (and ruin your bank balance) come along and ask questions.

7:30 pm to 11:00 pm: Performances

No rules. Anyone and everyone is welcome to have a crack performing in the big room through the PA, sync'd (or not) to the live video synth rig, amongst friends, with whatever gear you have. Solo or on the spot collaborations. "Music" or otherwise. Bonus points for attempts at using weird machines that are hard to wrangle. Video artists and projectioneers encouraged. If you've never done a live performance, now's your chance. We'll organise everything on the night, depending on how many people show up. We'll also have the run of the front gallery space for those that want to perform some more ambient vibes. You're welcome to just listen of course.

Drinks available at the 107 Social bar. Plenty of food (and more drinks!) within walking distance.