WHEN: 7pm 4 Apr 2018 – 5 Apr 2018

COST: $20

WHO: Trybooking

Online, Amelia Air<3 is a bad ass warrior princess for the camera. Offline, Amelia Smith loves Kmart trackpants and has a pizza stain on her shirt. Online, she looks like she could save the world… So when she is downloaded to the internet and everyone can see what she is really like, they are v. disappointed.

“Downloaded to the internet?!?!” you ask. Good question.

The internet is in crisis- someone has downloaded all the porn (I don’t know if you know how much porn is on the net but its heaps and heaps) and the sheer size of the download is fkin everything up. The WorldWideWeb calls on Amelia Air<3 to save the day, but its Amelia Smith that gets sucked into the world of the internet (that's why everyone's disappointed).

Alright! Just to recap- Amelia gets stuck inside the internet with all the websites and stuff, she needs to save the day but she’s pretty underwhelming. K?

NETGIRLZ is a low res, 8 bit comedy sure to satisfy ur meme craving. This is a new, devised work exploring connection, our shifting perceptions of reality and a whole lotta lols.

Director: Mikaela Attallah

Dramaturg: Georgina Adamson

Ft. (and devised by) Jessica Murphy, Jessica Pantano, Tom Matthews and Georgina Adamson.