NAVA Synergy


WHEN: 6-8pm 22 Apr 2015 – 28 May 2015

COST: FREE (by application only)

NAVA Synergy supports artists in gaining practical skills for forming and growing a sustainable business.

The three week program includes:

- Two professional development events exploring topics on entrepreneurship, developing connections with the private sector and public presentation skills.

- Opportunity to develop and draft a project pitch to colleagues and expert judges.

- Opportunity to pitch your idea at NAVA's crowdfunding event - Soup Session on 28 May.

This program is ideal for artists who would like to learn how to articulate and promote their projects.


-  22 April, 6pm–8pm: Researching the Private Sector

- 29 April, 6pm–8pm: Public Speaking

- 6 May, 6pm–8pm: The Draft Pitch

- 28 May, 6pm–9pm: Soup Session