WHEN: 27 Apr 2017 – 7 May 2017


Multitasking celebrates the imperative of artists navigating multiple identities as students, parents, carers, spouses, workers, business owners and goodness knows what else to maintain a vibrant art practice.

They mine the patterns of everyday routine for their diverse art making that ranges across textiles, video, installations, painting and drawing. Their work is a chorus of voices revealing strategies, observations and concerns of artists who find themselves straddling many other roles.

Themes of gender, isolation, exhaustion, consumption, memory and community are among those explored by these nine women artists who have just become really, really good at multitasking.

Artists (and image credit L to R from top left) Vanessa Stockard, Tilly Lees, Mollie Rice, (middle row) Jo Nolan, Be Gunn, Jane Guthleben, (bottom row) Jo Mellor-Stuart and Melanie Tweddell, Christine Wiltshier, Jodi Clark