Makers Play Lab Spring Holidays


WHEN: 9am - 3pm 6 Oct 2020 – 9 Oct 2020

COST: $100

TICKETS: Eventbrite

Venue: Joynton Avenue Creative Centre

The program offers a choice of four workshops for makers to play, design, code, and create in the second week of the Spring School Holidays. During the stand alone workshops, makers will develop problem solving skills and creative confidence as they explore advanced STEAM (Science. Technology. Engineering. Art. Maths) concepts through hands-on design and digital challenges. Advanced coders will be offered challenging projects to meet their skill set. The projects on offer change each workshop to avoid repeat for makers who have attended before.

Age Suitability: Ages: 5 - 12 year olds

Makers Play Lab facilitators are qualified instructors who will adjust the project skill level based on the diverse learning needs of your child. Workshop numbers are strictly capped at 12 children to ensure quality learning experiences and one on one support as needed.

Time: 9.00am - 3.00pm

Parents are required to sign in their child every morning, afternoon car pick up from the street is available.

Location: Joynton Avenue Creative Centre - Cnr Hansard St and Joynton Avenue, Zetland 2017

Play Time: Play is scheduled throughout the day with open green spaces, playground equipment and court space. Children are not required to bring devices but can bring something small to play with during the breaks like a ball, cards or a book.

COVID-Safe: We will be following all health and safety guidelines as advised by NSW Department of Education. We will provide hand sanitiser on entry and throughout the day, but ask that children also bring their own sanitiser along.


Day 1: Tuesday 6 Oct - Lego Robotics

Makers will explore STEAM concepts through building, creating and coding innovative solutions to design challenges using lego robotics and coding software. They will work through a series of guided projects to develop essential communication, creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking-skills in a fun and exciting way. Makers can choose their robotics design challenge from a wide range of topics including rescue missions, racing cars and roaming animals!

Day 2: Wednesday 7 Oct - Game Design

Makers will explore gamification concepts through playing, designing and coding basic video games including racing, platform and launching using coding software. Using only positive outcomes as the basis for their game narratives, makers will learn to code characters in a platform style game, add sounds and music and create their own graphics from start to finish. Advanced makers will learn about electronic circuit boards and conductive materials to create their own cardboard game controller to play their game.

Day 3: Thursday 8 Oct - Creative Claymation

Makers will explore the art of stop motion to create their own animations using clay. They will learn to sculpt clay characters, plan and storyboard their own original narratives, design their own sets and learn the digital creative skills of shooting a stop motion animation. Makers will learn the digital literacy skills needed to edit, upload and export their animation to video editing software for publishing.

Day 4: Friday 9 Oct - Dash Robot Challenges

Makers will explore STEAM concepts to complete a series of challenges with their rolling Dash Robot. They will learn to navigate mazes and timed missions using Dash robots and coding software. In preparation for the challenges, makers will work through the Dash Driving License training to develop their creative problem solving and advanced coding skills, commanding the robot to move, light up, record sound and detect the world around them using sensors.

Cost of each workshop: Workshops are sold separately and with different payment options to offer maximum flexibility.

Payment option A: Free ticket using your $100 Creative Kids Voucher (voucher form submitted after registration)

Payment option B: $100 using the Online Card Payment

Ticket purchases must be finalised and paid in full through Eventbrite prior to the event, this cost includes a booking fee. Cancellations and refunds are not available, tickets may be transferred to another child at the organisation of the parent.

Using a Creative Kids Voucher: Creative Kids Vouchers must be submitted with the purchase of Creative Kids Voucher Ticket Type in order to finalise the full payment. There are no refunds or transfers for Creative Kids vouchers submitted. If you wish to use your child's Creative Kids Voucher to cover the cost of a workshop please select the Creative Kids Voucher Ticket Type option and complete this form:

Your child's attendance will be confirmed once the voucher has been processed. It takes between 7-10 days to process the voucher with Service NSW. We will notify you if there is an issue processing the voucher.