Moving Through Space



WHEN: Wednesday to Saturday 11am to 5pm 4 May 2022 – 14 May 2022


WHO: Di Burling, Eleni Chrysafis, Mikky Hughes, Lucy Lee, Peta O'Halloran, Janet Shelby, Blake Smith, Emily Wynn

Moving Through Space is an exploration of relationship with the self. Inspiration for the artists is drawn from introspection, experience, and our relationship with the natural world.

The artists all use a variety of mediums, with most focusing on ceramics and enjoying tactile art-making practices.


Di Burling
Di’s influences are varied and informed by the textural and colour subtleties I find in the landscape.
She enjoys working with clay as it's a medium that has a mediative effect during the making that allows me to focus and create.

This current body of work focuses on the diversity and complexities of the vessel and the making of one-off pieces independent of the notion of function.

Eleni Chrysafis
Born in Sydney and raised in Athens, Eleni has conducted studies in Ceramics, Architectural Acoustics, Sound, Film and Building Design.

Eleni’s journey with clay started in 2010 when she attended Tom Bass sculpture studio. She continued by undertaking electives in Ceramics and Sculpture at University of Sydney Department of Architecture. She has attended drawing and painting classes at Julian Ashton and she is currently studying an advanced diploma in ceramics at TAFE Gymea.

Eleni works mostly with stoneware and porcelain and she utilises various ceramic forming techniques, such as wheel throwing, hand building and slip casting. In her work she draws inspiration from he imagination, memory, drams and her Greek ancestral culture.

Mikky Hughes
Mikky is based in the Northern Beaches of Sydney. She has been an attendee of various courses within the ceramic art practice progressing the development of her ceramic art journey.

Her work is a mixture of hand built and a wheel thrown ceramics. She likes to explore a range of firing styles and surface treatments. Particularly interaction of textures through saggar firing, hand building and underglazes.

For the most part, her work is about the relationship between forms and many of her works are in pairs. For inspiration she draws on the world around her, the relationships she sees and has. The pieces interact much like a relationship or emotions, it is as much about the piece as it is about the space between them or connection drawn.

Lucy Lee
Her art practice embodies disciplines such as drawing, painting and ceramics to portray the ever changing atmospherics of the sky and the phenomena of weather. Lucy uses the sensuous stuff of clay, slips, glaze and paint to explore atmospheric conditions, seasons and cycles.
She creates hand built vessels and stretched slab sculptures which contain a rich depth of surface decoration. With an interest for mark making, marks are energetically applied in immediate and spontaneous gestures.
Such gestures are also expressed in herdrawings and paintings where she works intuitively and play with the process of creating.

Peta O’Halloran
The concepts of transformation and rebirth thread their way through Peta’s work with the walking fish representing her journey with clay and the onus to adapt and take charge of a future that she wants. Seizing moments to enrich our lived experience or inspire others can be empowering.
She is inspired by those who fight with great passion to uphold dignity and respect for others. She found that moving within new spaces created the opportunity to influence those spaces through her presence and build connections that previously she thought were not possible.

Her sculptural work usually begins through an exploration of a small amount of clay, turning over and changing shapes, hints of a form will begin to appear. She finds joy to see characters emerging through the interaction of in her hands in clay.

Janet Selby
Janet’s ceramic art is mainly hand built sculptural forms using a variety of clays and techniques.

Connection to nature and its precious position in today's climate are subjects that Janet explores through her art which represents a sense of kinship to the whole environment.
Recent themes are the ancient wisdom in trees and leaves and the moon - all linked somehow in a mysterious connection.

Janet is currently a ceramics teacher, having previously taught kids’ workshops, bonsai pot making workshops as well as clay and meditation workshops.

Blake Smith
Born and raised in Sydney, his works predominantly focuses on our perception of our experience relating to context, respectively.

Visions of Grace describes his experience with thinking about thoughts, temporarily transcending present space. He believes that without this experience, our desire expresses itself in how we see, speak, and choose to live with others and ‘as’ ourselves in that present state – whether we want to or not.

His multimedia pieces use water colour, coloured pencils, and soft pastels. The softness of these materials builds layers of colour to create lenses over each other creating a dreamscape with the line and design of humanoid figure both apart and separate from the environment.

Visions of Grace are his expressions of glimpses of experiencing thinking about thinking.

Emily Wynn
I create dual bodies of work that explores evolving vase forms and sexual assault in politics. These pieces evolved throughout the COVID period and have been a source of healing during these hard lockdowns.

Healing for me is looking for strength, joy, and freedom through creating my ceramic vessels. I hope to give a voice to the voiceless, educate the uneducated, and hold those in power accountable for their inexcusable actions. This journey has given me the platform to speak as an advocate against sexual assault and provide confidence for others to speak up.

I aim to achieve a state of fearlessness.