Motte (NZ) + Melanie Louise Eden



WHEN: 7.30-9pm – 17 Jun 2017

COST: Donation

Motte is the moniker of New Zealand solo artist Anita Clark. At once soothing and disorienting, or riding the thin line between beautiful and uneasiness, she creates layers of reverb swamped loop violin and dream like vocals into a cinematic soundscape, conjuring the impression of being lost in the tropics or inside a hothouse full of moths. Her debut album 'Songs For Movies' (2015) is a series of improvisations recorded straight into a Tascam 4 track and Motte's newest album 'Strange Dreams' was pre-released in Australia last winter for her first tour. This June/July sees Motte travelling to Sydney to write music for a film and playing a select string of Melbourne performances.

Featuring special guest Melanie Louise Eden.

'The music is truly affecting. It’s lovingly suffocating. It’s like walking through a dense fog, or driving in the rain, lost in the glow of rear tail lights' Reg Norris - music editor at Critic (NZ)

'It's a burnished, hovering, ever-mutating sound, beautiful and anxious by turns. Some songs seem to set off little sonic flares in the darkness. Others are stippled with glitches, overdrive distortion and earth hum. The fact Clark also rolls her glorious thick contralto voice over some pieces is almost a bonus.' - Grant Smithies Sunday Star Times (NZ)