Mini Zine Fair


WHEN: 10AM-3PM – 11 May 2024


VENUE: 107 Green Square

Join us at 107 Projects, Joynton Avenue (Green Square) on Saturday May 11th for Sydney's smallest (arguably) zine fair!

Stalls from: aomm, Caitlin Lidae, Caroline Zijing, CHAOTIC ANTICS, Daisy ATTACK!, Goodnight Press, Jessica K Freeman, Maja Aaby Pedersen, Moss Dolls, MRNIK, Mtns Zine Club, Phillip Sabolta, Prawnmouse, Ruby PH, s_u_s_a_n_v_k and Wolfbound Books.

The zine fair will run from 10am-3pm on the ground floor. All welcome. There will also be an exhibition of prints, printed with the resident risoprinting collective "The Rizzeria".