Meaningful Movies Presents: A Syrian Love Story



WHEN: 7pm – 24 May 2017

COST: $10

TICKETS: General Admission

This remarkable film follows the journey of Raghda and Amer, a couple who meet in a Syrian prison cell, as they seek security and freedom from the unrest that has swept through their home country, whilst trying to keep that unrest from damaging their own relationship. Both an insightful examination of the political situation in Syria and a humane and intimate portrait of a family, A Syrian Love Story is an absolute must-see.

- "An invaluable glimpse into current Middle Eastern conflicts that looks past the headlines to reveal the human beings involved." - Peter DeBruge, Variety

- "Sean McAllister’s documentary about a family of Syrian refugees in Europe would be compelling at any time. Now it is unmissable." (5 stars) - Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian

The screening will be held to raise awareness and support for Amnesty International's campaign to put pressure on the Australian government to raise our annual refugee intake to 30,000 people in the wake of the current refugee crisis as well as our campaign to bring to justice the perpetrators of the chemical weapons attack on the Syrian town of Idlib. We will be circulating petitions before the film so come down early for a chat with some of our friendly volunteers if you want to get involved.

Doors will open at 6:30pm with the film to start after a brief introduction to the film and our campaigns at 7pm.