Meaningful Movies Presents The Look of Silence


WHEN: 5.30-9.30pm – 16 Nov 2016

COST: $10/15

Meaningful Movies Amnesty International Australia are proud to present a screening of The Look Of Silence by Joshua Oppenheimer.

The follow up to his critically acclaimed 2012 documentary The Act Of Killing about the individuals who participated in the 1965 - 66 Indonesian communist purges, The Look Of Silence picks up the story from the perspective of the brother of one of the victims. The film follows the man, who remains anonymous, as he visits some of the killers and their collaborators, engaging them in a series of amazingly daring, intimate interviews. Hailed as "a painful, profoundly empathetic work of moral reckoning" (A. O. Acott, NY Times), the film is an emotional exploration of the horror of violence and the banality of evil.

The screening follows only six days after the celebration of Indonesian Heroes Day, seeking to remind and encourage us to revisit Indonesia and review its journey from independence towards enforcement of human rights. It emphasises the importance of bringing justice to survivors, descendants and the family members and helping them reconstruct their identity and cope with everyday life as Indonesians.

The event will also feature a presentation and discussion lead by Dr Dyah Pitaloka of The University of Sydney whose current research and projects deal directly with the impact of the killings.

We will also be serving traditional Indonesian Martabak before the screening which you can pre-purchase with your ticket.

All proceeds from the screening will go toward funding future screenings and furthering Amnesty International Australia defence of human rights around the globe.

Tickets $10 + bf or $15 + bf with Martabak.