Material Musings



WHEN: Opening Night: 19/10/2022 6:30pm 19 Oct 2022 – 30 Oct 2022


VENUE: 107 Redfern

Material Musings is a group exhibition that explores materiality and embedded memories. Mosaicers are spoilt for choice and materials speak to us in many different ways.

Mosaic artists across NSW and beyond have responded in intriguing ways in unearthing and reflecting on the cultural, political, geological and personal memories associated with matter. Some have used traditional mosaic materials. Others have experimented with unconventional materials such as newspaper, plastic, bleached seaweed, avocado pips, fabric offcuts and skeletal remnants of marine life.

We warmly invite everyone to join us for our opening night on Wednesday, 19th October from 6.30 – 9 pm.