Masami Kawaguchi


WHEN: 5pm – 18 Oct 2015

COST: $12


+ xNoBBQx + Angie (acoustic set) + Exotic Dog + DJs: Space Gear Wannabe, Chillfreeze, Africa's Revenge

Masami Kawaguchi is has been a member of some of the greatest Japanese psych bands of the last 15 years - Miminokoto, New Rock Syndicate, Los Doroncos (with Doronco of Les Rallizes Denudes), Aihiyo (with Keiji Haino) and Broomdusters. He also occassionally plays with our own Penny Ikenger and Deniz Tek. His first solo LP will be released in conjunction with this tour.

+ xNoBBQx
Nick Dan + Matt Earle.

+ Angie 
Taking part in Residencia Sao Joao in 2013, ( Angela developed a series of new songs from acoustic loops. She will perform these songs on acoustic guitar for the first time and a selection of tracks from the LPs turning (2013) and free agent (2015)

+ Exotic Dog
Exotic Dog is the tape and synthesizer music project of Nic Warnock (Model Citizen, Ruined Fortune, Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys). The cassette four-track has been is his most used instrument, mundane field recordings, human voice, mechanic clangs, broken microphone squeals, cheap or not cheap synths and found audio find their way onto the cassettes. Moments are almost rhythmic and loop like, or abstract, or somewhere in between. Microphones and a small modular synthesizer will be also be utilised.