Manipulation Made Simple



WHEN: 9am-5pm – 4 Nov 2018

COST: $450 + GST


Presented by Danny Williams

Many practitioners can find High-Velocity, Low-Amplitude Manipulation (HVLA) to be complex and daunting. In this course Danny Williams will demonstrate how to recognise presentations suited to HVLA and the techniques needed to treat them safely, comfortably and with confidence in your practice.

Danny is a UK trained osteopath and a passionate and engaging presenter with over 20 years’ experience lecturing and examining. In this 1-day masterclass you will learn Danny’s 3 'P' Manipulation Method which combines classical and minimal leverage skills into a simple yet effective protocol for HVLA.

Using his 3 ‘P’ protocol Danny will demonstrate the correct positioning for patient and practitioner comfort and how to avoid common problems palpating joint lock-up and the direction of HVT. The masterclass will also include an introduction to Littlejohn's Total Body Adjustment and clear explanation of contra-indications and other red flags to look out for.

Learning outcomes:

  • Learn to effectively treat lumbar spine, cervical spine, thoracic spine, ribs and junctional areas
  • Recognise the presentations suitable to HVLA manipulation
  • Understand positionings that are safe and comfortable for both patient and practitioner
  • Learn Danny Williams’ 3 ‘P’ Manipulation Method
  • Gain an introduction to Littlejohn's Total Body Adjustment
  • Avoid common problems and recognise red-flags associated with HVT