MANIFESTO: Revelations of an Artist



WHEN: 6 Jun 2023 – 9 Jun 2023


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VENUE: 107 Redfern

Milk Crate Theatre in collaboration with the Waterloo Creative Ensemble invites audiences to experience a new and exciting interactive installation work, MANIFESTO: Revelations of an Artist.

What does creativity look like? Where do our ideas come from? What happens when we close our eyes at night?

Over 16 weeks, the Waterloo Creative Ensemble gathered to play and collaborate in exploration of what art, creativity, and process means in their lives. Encompassing live performance, interactive works, written, visual, audio, digital and sculptural installations, MANIFESTO: Revelations of an Artist invites you to reframe the everyday, awaken your creativity, and write your own manifesto!

OPENING EVENT: Tuesday June 6 - 6:30pm (free admission - ticket required)

Q&A EVENT: Friday June 9 - 1:30pm-2:30pm (free admission - ticket required)

INSTALLATION OPEN: Wednesday June 7 - Friday June 9 11am-5pm (free admission - no ticket required)

Curated by the Waterloo Creative Ensemble members, facilitated by Bethany Simons and Nick Vagne

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