Mami Watta Collections Celebration


SPACE: G Floor Classroom

WHEN: 4pm - 9pm – 17 Jun 2023

COST: $25

TICKETS: Opening event tix

Mami Watta are turning six, and to celebrate they are hosting their first ever Beading Exhibition in Sydney (Eora), showcasing the works of different beading artists who will exhibit unique beaded works around the concept of Beading Is~

Join Mami Watta at 107 Green Square for the official opening celebration that will include a live line-up of artists who pay tribute to ancestral connections to Mother Earth through the merge of traditional rhythms and digital sounds. Also guest speakers and live dancers! And of course a Mami Watta Market stall with unique designs for this event only ♡♡♡

We are proud to host this incredible celebration of all the immense body of work Mami Watta Collections have achieved as a handmade innovative jewellery brand; as a social project feeding back resources to many Indigenous communities in Colombia; and also more recently for bringing traditional forms of Latin American beading practices as tools for mindfulness, craft and community connections to Australia.

This year Mami Watta have made a callout for local beading artists in NSW to gather in an unforgettable exhibition titled: Beading Is~ The exhibition will showcase the infinite possibilities that the practice of beading has for many artists, individuals and communities.
You are invited to attend our official opening, a ticketed event for a very special small number of guests; come and share Mami Watta's amazing achievements through a lineup of live music, guest speakers and entertainment curated by multi-media artist Oroana and Founder of Mami Watta Collections.
Drinks can be purchased on the evening-  all profits loop back into supporting 107 Projects as a creative and cultural community hub.

Food Stall by Andina Peruvian Cuisine. Mami Watta Collections market stall with one-off designs for this event only!

Artist Bios

Dj Luny: thru his Global Music label @wileoutmusic he focuses on building a Global community to bring us all closer and create a support system to nurture these artists to shine. LUNY has taken his unique sound all over the world in hope to inspire other BIPOC artists that anything is possible.You can hear LUNY on Bare Necessities Music “Your weekly tour of dancefloors across the globe” which he co-hosts alongside Sam Z & Klue on FBI Radio (94.5fm) every Tuesday.

Joshua & Daniela Castillo: Joshua is our youngest performer of only 13 years of age and he will be interpreting traditional Colombian rythms such as Bambuco, Cumbia, Guabina and chotis. He has been learning these rhythms with his dad Francisco Castillo for a year and a half. He was born in Australia and has colombian parents who have ensured he has a connection with his cultural origins. His sister Daniela has also been playing percussion since very little and has had a vast musical experience performing with bands around Australia.

La Gati: is a solo project put together by Sydney local musician Patricia Alvarez. She has been a regular player on the Sydney gig circuit having worked as a vocalist and keyboardist for a wide array of acclaimed musicians and bands. She has performed with Moussa Diakite, Errol Renaund and Caribbean Soul and many more! Notable festivals that Patricia has played at include Womad, Kiama Jazz, Bello Winter fest and many local festivals.

Patricia has now combined the many years of playing and learning a wide range of styles to create her solo project that includes a mash up of electro, afrobeat, salsa, soul, funk reggaeton and whatever else is channeled and inspired thru her alter ego, La Gati.
She is teaming up with Dj Oroana to debut their recent musical collaboration.

DAIRANA MORENO - GAITA PLAYER + Tambores: Dairana Moreno was born in Colombia and arrived in Melbourne in 2019. In her time in this country, she has performed with groups such as Fuego de Cumbe, La Descarga Band, the Traditional Colombian Music Group Aire in Sydney and the social enterprise Mosaik Experiences as an artist and facilitator. In Colombia, she was part of traditional musical groups such as Canto Alegre and Chuana & tambo, playing the Gaita has participated in important regional and national festivals. Dairana has obtained important artistic recognitions and has a passion for preserving folklore as a show of cultural identity.

Dancers: Colombia Cultural and Folkloric Organisation: They are dedicated to rescuing, promoting, and showcasing Colombian folklore in an interactive, inclusive, and modern way, using different forms of artistic expression.
Ccfos' mission is to increase awareness and cultivate the splendour and diversity of Colombian Folklore in Australia.

Gabzak: He is a special guest born in Santiago, Chile. A multi-instrumentalist hailed as “Urban Experimental Saxman”, GabzaK has his roots in Nu Jazz, Funk, Cumbia, Andean Beats, House & Dub. Gabz likes to mix it up with funky beats and Latin psychedelic fusions from the Andes and the Amazonas. Playing saxophone, vintage keyboards, and synthesizers taking you on a musical journey.