Making Space I: Bodies, Space and the Anthropocene



WHEN: 6-8pm – 6 Mar 2019

COST: FREE, RSVP required


Making Space I: Bodies, Space and the Anthropocene builds on the 2019 Sydney Festival event Talking Dance: Hacking the Anthropocene. This event prefaced a week-long workshop which brought together choreographers and specialists from other disciplines, that asked artists and academics to respond to the idea of the Anthropocene. We pick up this conversation but this time include the choreographers to reflect on the experience, and suggest directions as to where this kind of creative collaboration can lead us in making space.

Post conversation, there will be a bespoke experimental music performance (two solo, 20 minute sets) by Clare Cooper & Eric Avery, curated by E M U S (Exploratory Music Sydney) an organisation promoting improvised, exploratory, experimental music and sound art in Sydney and its surrounds.

The Speakers:

Astrida Neimanis, feminist writer, researcher, and senior lecturer at University of Sydney.

Bek Conroy is an artist, critical thinker and writer.

Sarah Pini is a choreographer, anthropologist and PhD candidate at Macquarie University.

Jodie McNeilly-Renaudie is an independent choreographer, researcher and dance dramaturg.

About the Making Space Series

Making Space is the latest public program from the Sydney Environment Institute, and this time, we’ve added a twist. This off-campus series partners with 107 Projects to ask what happens when performers, artists and academics approach the act of ‘making space’ hand in hand.