Make Your Own: Tuareg Stackable Ring


WHEN: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm – 8 Oct 2022

COST: $425

WHO: The Bench

TICKETS: Book online

In this one day fine jewellery workshop, you will have the opportunity to make 7 fine sterling silver rings - all different, and allowing your own individual aesthetic to shine through. They are stackable, one for each day of the week - to wear together or separately.When I first saw a semainier ring, which had been worn since the 1970’s, I was enamoured with and instantly obsessed by this style! The semainier (or “weekly” in French) ring evokes the sense of time passing through seven ‘textured’ or ‘chiseled’ rings, grouped by a flat ring - which is amazingly comfortable. Originating from the Tuareg people, these rings were very popular during the Victorian and the Art Nouveau period in France.


There are no formal entry requirements for this course. You do not need to be artistic or creative - you’ll be surprised what you can create under the guidance of our expert tutors. Our taster classes are perfect for absolute beginners with no previous experience. However, if you have pre-existing jewellery skills and are looking to advance your soldering, this course is still perfect and we’ll suited.

Course Objectives

You will be guided through the following techniques in this one day workshop:

Fine Jewellery Soldering - You will learn how to use a micro soldering torch to solder your silver rings and fine link. The type of soldering we cover is more advanced than introductory level soldering joins. You will learn how to control your flame and increase your metallurgic understanding of colour changes in metal, flux and solder. (Individual ring size may vary but maximum is approx 2.0mm - to allow room for 7 stacker rings)

Texturing/ decorative wire work – You can add texture or decorative aesthetics to your ring through a variety of different applications.

Finishing - You will acquire knowledge of how to file and polish your finished design.

Course Outcomes

You will learn the basic skills needed to create 7 fine rings in sterling silver (grouped by a flat ring - optional). The workshop begins with short, structured technical exercises and lots of material play. Then fabricating, decorating and joining will be demonstrated. (More advanced level students may wish to use gold).

What’s Included

All materials are included. Including a variety of sterling silver wires to make your 7 rings, copper wire and brass wire )for samples) and consumables (saw blades, solder). Gold plating is optional for an additional fee and wait time due to outsourcing.