Make a Riso Print


WHEN: 11am - 1pm – 20 Jul 2019

COST: $49


Venue: Joynton Avenue Creative Centre

Make a set of Riso prints in this fun hands on 2 hour workshop.

Step 1 - create a collage using all the materials we provide, magazines, stickers, texters, stamps etc
Step 2 - the collage is put on the printers flat bed scanner to make a master (stencil)
Step 3 - repeat with 2nd colour
Step 4 - print the 2 masters together to end up with a set of awesome 2 coloured postcard sized prints to take away.
Step 5 - sit back and admire your Riz skills

All materials are provided but feel free to bring along a collage or samples of your own work to play with.