*ONLINE* Make a Zine with the Rizzeria


WHEN: 1pm - 4pm – 28 Mar 2020

COST: 15

TICKETS: Eventbrite

VENUE: Joynton Avenue Creative Centre

This 3-hour workshop focusses on zine making. Zines are a low tech, low cost form of self-publishing a small edition of images or texts around a theme. We look at examples of zines, folding and binding options and how to create a template. Then we get to work and collage, draw or write our mini-zine around the theme of our own environment or environmental issues. Maybe how climate change affects us personally, messages we'd like to share, or maybe a small guide to your local environment?

At the end of the workshop each zine will be printed in up to two-colours on the Risograph, so that each participant can take home a mini edition of 10 of their own zines. (Note: There might be some waiting time during the printing module of the workshop).

This event is part of 107's Joynton Avenue Creative Program, proudly funded by NSW Government as part of My Community Project.