Lucas Abela / Zach Hill – 7″ Launch



WHEN: 8PM – 7 Oct 2023

COST: $15

TICKETS: Register Now

Venue: 107 Redfern

dualpLOVER has risen from the dead to output their first physical release since Senyawa's Acaraki LP in 2014!!! and its a blistering 7" 45 featuring Lucas Abela on glass with Zach Hill on drums. For the launch Lucas will perform Live using the stems Zach provided to create the recordings (they were meant to record full album together but VISA troubles delaying session until October album sometime in 2024). plus special guests also performing on the night...

Low Lung (8:30pm)
Low Flung is the long-standing project of Sydney based visual artist Danny Wild. Equally influenced by dub’s sense of space and the rolling expanse of the Australian landscape, Danny fuses field recordings and organic instruments with synthesized soundscapes and buoyant digi basslines to create music that offers an uncanny evocation of place and a keen spatial awareness.

Loose-y Crunche (9:30pm)
Loose-y Crunché is a spin-off multiplication of Lucy Cliche bringing you irritatingly raw and reasonably improvised relentless electronic crunch zone headache beats and disjointed noise tracks.

Lucas Granpa Abela (10:30pm)
Lucas Granpa Abela as an improviser known for playing their signature instrument; shards of amplified glass, in a show The New York Times described as sounding like "John Coltrane playing a volcano". Since its invention, the glass has evolved from a means to create free-noise cacophonies into an incredibly versatile instrument producing an organic form of outsider electronica. Performed like a bell-less saxophone, Abela’s lips subtly transmit micro-sonic vibrations into the pane to feed a complex modular patch producing both raw audio & control voltages, so the dynamics & frequency of their performance modulates itself within varying parallel effects chains, that together create the illusion of a ghostly accompaniment, forming dense layers of anomalous music.