Live and Untamed: Big Feels



WHEN: 6-10PM – 11 Nov 2023

COST: Free

TICKETS: Register Now

VENUE: 107 Redfern

Get ready for an unforgettable evening of music and emotions at "Live & Untamed: BIG Feels" on November 11th. Join us in the vibrant heart of Redfern for an electrifying night featuring some of the most talented Australian artists who promise to stir your soul.


6:00 PM - Mollimusics: Kicking off the night, Mollimusics will set the stage on fire with their unique sound that blends genres, creating a musical experience like no other.
7:00 PM - IttybittyGiddy: Experience the enchanting melodies and thought-provoking lyrics of IttybittyGiddy, as they take you on a musical journey that will touch your heart.
8:00 PM - Amasayshi: Prepare to be captivated by the soulful tunes of Amasayshi, whose music transcends boundaries and connects with audiences on a profound level.
9:00 PM - Carmon: Closing the night, Carmon will leave you breathless with their powerful, emotive performance that will linger in your memory long after the event ends.

Live & Untamed is not just another music event; it's a monthly showcase that celebrates the incredible diversity and talent within the Australian music scene. Whether you're a fan of emerging artists or established acts, this event provides a platform for all, uniting music lovers from every corner of the country.

Live & Untamed is proud to be presented by 107 Projects and Those Wizards, with the generous sponsorship of Mountain Goat, making this night possible. So, join us for a musical journey that promises to ignite your passion and leave you with BIG FEELS.

Secure your free tickets now and be a part of this exceptional musical experience. Don't miss "Live & Untamed: BIG Feels" on November 11th in Redfern, where the heart of Australian music beats like never before.