Linda Aronson’s New Structures for New Audiences – Scriptwriting Masterclass



WHEN: 9am-5pm 29 Jul 2017 – 30 Jul 2017

COST: Earlybird: $535; Standard: $590

TICKETS: Eventbrite

Got a great film or story that just won’t work in the traditional three act structure?

When leading international scriptwriting guru Linda Aronson first gave a seminar to US and European film professionals at the London Screenwriters' Festival on how to construct films that use flashbacks, time jumps, multiple protagonists, and fractured stories, the audience kept her talking for four hours. In a film world where one-hero-on-a-chronological-journey was law, Aronson's discovery that all of these difficult forms work to clear patterns, patterns that writers can use as templates was game-changing. Suddenly, complex forms became easier, faster and cheaper for both experienced writers and new writers. And crucially, producers suddenly felt much safer in taking them on. Linda explains, 'I continue to be amazed by the response I get from all kinds of writers, new and experienced. They are thrilled. Writers all over the world knew the one-hero model, great as it is for some stories, doesn't work for them all. Like me, they wanted answers.'

The masterclass, which covers more that twenty structures that don’t fit the Hollywood model, continues to inspire professional writers all over the world, including top BBC TV drama writers and writers of Nordic Noir TV. Linda also explains how nonlinear multiplot stories can feed binge viewing and has applications in games and cross media.

Linda gives a two day version of her iconic masterclass ‘New Structures for New Audiences’ at 107, July 29-30 before returning to Europe to teach in London, Denmark and Poland. Earlybird tickets are available.

What people are saying about Linda Aronson....

'Linda Aronson is one of the great and important voices on screenwriting.’ Linda Seger, author of Making a Good Script Great

'At last you will understand Pulp Fiction! All the vague confusing things that teachers and studio executives say about flashback, turning points and multiple protagonists are whipped into coherent shape, in a comprehensive, precise and extremely practical theory.' Christopher Vogler, Author of The Writers' Journey

'Anyone who has heard Linda Aronson speak about screenwriting knows that the insight that she can offer YOU, about YOUR screenplay, is extraordinary. I have personally heard all of the so called ‘script gurus’ speak, and I can tell you, if you want advanced professional script insight, Linda is the person for you. This is especially true if your story is struggling to fit into the traditional three act structure, or if you have multiple protagonists.' Chris Jones, Academy-Award Nominated Screenwriter and organizer, London Screenwriters' Festival

Linda Aronson is one of my heroes. My inspiration. Screenwriting Updated blew me away… Linda Aronson was the first person, maybe still the only person to really talk about the fact that structure doesn’t always have to be about one form.’ Pilar Alessandra, Leading Hollywood Scriptwriting Teacher