WHEN: 8:00 PM - 11:00 PM – 18 Apr 2013

COST: $10

Lehmann B. Smith (Melb) @ 107

Melbourne's prolific Lehmann B. Smith will be heading to Sydney for a show at the intimate 107 projects in Redfern. It follows a busy year for Smith, releasing four albums in 2012 through labels Sensory Projects and Special Award Records.

Each album differs from the last but creates a sensational body of work from one of Melbourne's finest songwriters.

"it’s a rich tapestry of heartbreak, self-awareness and reason, woven into an ecstatic tribute to irony at its best." - Steph Kretowicz, Mess and Noise, regarding Smiths 2012 release 'Girlfriends'.

"This friction between disconnect and union is what makes Lehmann’s work so appealing. Girlfriends successfully builds a few more layers on his self-made sound without losing any of his bittersweet appeal." - Chris Girdler, Beat Magazine

Lehmann (Melb)
Nic Cassey
Obscura Hall
Charles Buddy Daaboul

Tickets $10 at the door