Learn to Make your own Tortillas and Salsa Molcajeteada


WHEN: 10AM-3PM – 28 Oct 2023

COST: Free

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VENUE: 107 Green Square

Workshop 1

Learn how to make your own tortillas from scratch, you will learn how to make the masa and the consistency to make the best tortillas at home, we will provide you with all the materials, so roll your sleeves, come and have fun and enjoy the amazing flavors of a just made tortilla. (Duration aprox 25min)

Workshop 2

Do you love salsas, there is no better flavor than a salsa made in the ancient Molcajete, come and join us in this amazing workshop where you will learn how to use this ancient tool that it is still used in Mexican households and restaurants in Mexico.(Duration aprox 30min)

Workshop 3

Mexican flavors are based in the use of chilies, that is why most people thinks that Mexican food is very spicy, but it is not, we use lots of chilies for their flavor more than for their heat and the right combination of gives you a dish full of flavor with just the right amount of heat.(Duration aprox 15 min)

Come and join us in this workshop where you will learn how to use the dry chilies and how to use the right combinations to balance the flavors.