Learn to Risograph Print


WHEN: 6-7pm – 6 Sep 2018

COST: $25


This event takes place at Joynton Avenue Creative Centre, Zetland.

Risograph printing is a fast, affordable way of producing high-quality prints. Students will learn the basics of Risograph printing including essential information on colours, layouts and print areas.

This workshop is great for anyone who is interested in printing, but is unfamiliar with Risograph printing or is already an established graphic designer or illustrator and wants to be able to come in to The Rizzeria and print for themselves in the future.

What you will learn:
How to use the Riso ME9350 Printer and how to use Risograph inks, learning about opacity and layering.

What you will get:
The skills and knowledge to make awesome Riso prints
A Riso-printed instruction booklet showing the basics of printing with the ME9350
A 2-colour sample print showing the use of layering and opacity in a design.

About the Instructor
I'm Kitty Cardwell from Mrs C and Me I'm a Sydney based maker, teacher and creative ambassador.

I love to make things and through teaching I hope to empower others to share my energy and nourish their creative side

I have been a volunteer at The Rizzeria helping people print and teaching workshops for the last 3 years.