L’Autre Envie (The Other Desires)


WHEN: 6-8pm 5 Aug 2015 – 16 Aug 2015


Are we ever truly being ourselves? We fear how others react to us if we were to express all of our desires. So we contain them and confine them within our bodies while always seeing the world as a permanent mirror of a distant future, of something else we could or should be. We are all longing for something, wanting something better than what we currently have. We contain the things about us that could be seen as wrong, or bad, hiding our alter egos. We look at others, what they do, how they look, how they act, what they possess. And we covet some of those things. We start to imagine ourselves in the positions of those people we see.

It seems that we live not to be a better self, rather than that to be a better other.

L’Autre Envie is a show that explores our relationships to others and our desire for being different. Be it a different body or having a different mind this exhibition is about confronting ourselves with the apparent better else.

The show will consists in a series of visual installations, paintings and photographs illustrating this topic and inviting the viewer to immerse themselves within the pieces.

Some of the pieces will include nudity.

Opening Wednesday 5th August | 6-8pm
Gallery Open Thursday - Sunday, 12-5pm.