Lady in Noyz


WHEN: 1PM workshops and Panels | 7pm Performances – 2 Oct 2015

COST: $10

Mixing your Sound (Rosalind Hall & Lara Soulio)

A workshop for women (all ages) on finding their way around a mixer. To look at how a mixer works, basic concepts of getting a good sound from the PA and having a successful sound check

DIY “No Excuses” (Katie Martin)

Making music is only limited by your imagination. Sure, buying expensive pieces of equipment is great and by all means you should invest in quality gear! But while you're saving or if you're not ready to commit to something but still want to muck around, there are so many creative ways to make music. In this session Kat Martin of X in O and Brainbeau, will be sharing her own personal experiences of this and guide you through the process of making contact mics (provided), learning to solder, circuit bend and alter cheap as chips toys, and generally hack any potentially viable noisemakers for cheap, instantly gratifying and very experimental musical thrills. She will also explain the use (and abuse) of a basic mixer. An absolutely invaluable and inescapable tool in your musical future. Comprehensive handouts will be provided.

Panel discussion: Women in experimental music (hosted by Marlo)

Considering the current global effort to increase the visibility of women and their work in the music industry and associated activities, how have the experiences of women in the industry changed? What are the new challenges and how are they being addressed?

Live show featuring:

7:00pm X in O

7:45pm Eves |

8:30pm Marlo Eggplant |

9:15pm Rosalind Hall & Laura Altman |

10:00pm Kusum Normoyle |

10:45pm Carolyn Connors |

11:30pm Gurner |