la la la no.1


WHEN: 7.30-11.30pm – 4 Jun 2015

COST: $10

A performance.
Featuring performers.
Each person contributes to the sounds of the performance.

la la la no. 1 will be a celebration of eclectic musics, a happening of ideas. Contemporary classical music meets vibrant improvisations.

All funds raised will go to Doctors without Borders (Médecins Sans Frontières) and Karuna-Shechen to help with the recovery effort in Nepal.

Steven Mackey 
is regarded as one of the leading composers of his generation and has composed for orchestra, chamber ensembles, dance and opera. He blazed a trail in the 1980's and 90's by including the electric guitar and vernacular music influence in his concert music and he regularly performs his own work, including two electric guitar concertos and numerous solo and chamber works.

We are lucky to have him join us on this occasion to play two of his works - Fusion Tune' for cello and electric guitar, performed with renowned SSO cellist Chris Piddy Pidcock & Heavy Light for electric guitar.

Timothy Constable
plays percussion and sings. He writes a lot of music for real and electronic instruments. He is the artistic director of Synergy, comprising Australia's premiere percussion group, and splinter group moth. Tim will be performing a Shaman ritual music excerpt from the Seoul region of modern South Korea > Trad. - Kiongi Dodang Kut

Bird Brain, Shazzam, Ctrl+Alt+Man & Pug – are the originators of the Stylefree Movement. The best dressed and grooviest street band in Sydney & Melbourne, Australia!!! Playing raw grooves with multiple saxes, drums, percussion, balafons, melodicas, guitars, xylophones, MPCs, basses, masks and wonderment!

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BRW (double bass) + electronics
3 clarinets, cello and piano – Morton Feldman
- Lisa McCowage
- Megan Clune
- Laura Altman
- Chris Pidcock
- Gena Chung