Julian Palmer: The Involvements of Psychedelic Tools



WHEN: 2pm – 25 Feb 2018

COST: $15

TICKETS: Eventbrite

Julian Palmer has been deeply exploring psychoactive plants for the last 17 years and has spoken at numerous conferences in Australia and overseas on this subject over the last 13 years. He facilitates non-traditional spaces for psychedelic plant medicine work and is also the inventor of ‘Changa’.

In this talk and Q&A for Sydney chapter of The Australian Psychedelic Society, Julian will address key aspects and nuances of working with psychedelics as a tool for personal growth, self transformation and/or as a spiritual path and how we might best get the most out of the psychedelic experience, thus utilising these tools to their full efficacy; i.e. maximising benefits and reducing risks.

About Julian

For those unfamiliar with Julian’s work, his book; ‘Articulations: On The Utilisation and Meanings of Psychedelics’ draws upon 15 years of profound research and is an illuminating inquiry into the many different plants and compounds available in the modern day, conducive ‘mindsets’ and understandings regarding how psychedelics can be most constructively utilised. Articulations presents an uncompromising and clear analysis of the psychedelic state, intricately exploring the origins of the visions, the nature of the beings, and how authentic healing can most effectively proceed through the conscious use of psychedelics.