JAZZGROOVE – Sidecar (Album launch) + The Fantastic Terrific Munkle


WHEN: 7:30 PM - 11:30 PM – 25 Jun 2013

COST: $15


Sidecar ALBUM RELAUNCH "Dreams of the Middle Class" (9:30pm)

John Hibbard (trombone) / Aaron Flower (guitar) / Ben Waples (bass) / Evan Mannell (drums)

Four musical adventurers, for years divided, find themselves by chance convened upon the same damned town, the same filthy tavern, at the same accursed hour.

Booze and pipe smoke proving less than cold comfort, the men of that old band Sidecar turn to their familiar tunes of yesteryear in order to stave off the blues.

The Fantastic Terrific Munkle (8pm)

Martin Kay (clarinets) / Julian Curwin (guitar, banjo) / Sam Golding (tuba, trumpet) / Danny Heifetz (drums)

Swinging romps, dirty tangos, delicate waltzes, a bit of bluesy goodness, music from other lands, and seemingly from other planets, all filtered through the unique Munkle lineup. Martin heads overseas for a year in July, so this will be your last chance to see the band for a while...

Produced by Jazzgroove

Tickets $15 / $8 (JG members) at the door
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