JAZZGROOVE – Samba Mundi + Felucca


WHEN: 7:30 PM - 11:30 PM – 2 Jul 2013

COST: $15


Samba Mundi (9:30pm)

No details thus far, very mysterious...

Felucca (8pm)

James Loughnan (saxophone) / Abel Cross (bass) / Paul Derricott (drums)

Felucca is a collective trio based in Sydney, Australia, formed in 2010. While all members are jazz trained, their interest in musics such as rock and free improvisation have permeated both their original compositions and their live performances of this material.

Felucca strives for originality, spontaneity, groove and beauty in their music, constantly trying to blend the dark with the ethereal, the dense with the sparse. Their debut recording is due for release later this year.

Produced by Jazzgroove 
Tickets $15 / $8 (JG members) at the door
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