JAZZGROOVE – Divergence Jazz Orchestra + Simon Barker (Solo)


WHEN: 7:30 PM - 11:30 PM – 14 May 2013

COST: $15


The Divergence Jazz Orchestra (9:30pm)

Jenna Cave (composer & bandleader)
Paul Weber (Trombone & bandleader) Dane Laboyrie, Matt Collins, Luke Stephens, Will Gilbert, Paul Meo (trumpets)
Justin Buckingham, Josh Willard, Evan Atwell-Harris, Louis Klaassen, Chris O’Dea (saxes)
Brendan Champion, Tim Coggins, Mitch Nissen (bones)
Luke Liang, Dave Groves, James McCaffrey (rhythm)

The Divergence Jazz Orchestra was formed in 2012 to perform and promote the music of Jenna Cave and other Australian jazz composers.

Made up of some of Sydney’s most talented young jazz musicians, Divergence have been impressing audiences with their high energy, super-tight section playing and an infectious sense of groove, selling out shows at Bohemian Grove and featured at the 2013 Autumn Vibes festival. Their music is adventurous and captivating, drawing influence from many idioms including contemporary jazz, West African music, minimalism, swing, hip hop and New Orleans grooves. Other featured Australian composers include Bill Motzing, Steve Newcomb, Rafael Karlen, Elliot Hughes, Cameron Earl, Nadia Burgess and DJO’s Brendan Champion. Divergence will be playing at Jazzgroove fresh from recording their debut album at Trackdown Studios in April 2013.

"Jenna is a composer of outstanding ability and achievement. She is one of the most promising jazz composers in Australia today." - Sandy Evans (OAM)

Simon Barker Solo (8pm)

Simon Barker (drums)

Simon has performed throughout Australia, Europe, Asia and the USA with a wide range of artists including his two internationally recognized ensembles Daorum and Chiri. This will be Simon's first solo set since the release of "Driftwood", a series solo drumset improvisations on Kimnara records.

“Barker has few peers worldwide for flexibility, resourcefulness, imagination and a complete absence of rhythmic clichés.” John Shand.

Set Times:
8pm - Simon Barker
9:30pm - Divergence Jazz Orchestra

Produced by Jazzgroove

Tickets $15 / $8 (JG members) at the door
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