Jazz or a Bucket of Blood



WHEN: 6:30pm 12 Sep 2023 – 16 Sep 2023

COST: $24

TICKETS: Tickets

VENUE107 Redfern

Yes, obviously, jazz is pretty good. Then again, so is this bucket of blood that’s sitting on the stage. The big question is: which will prevail?

Childhood frenemies Jane Watt & Ange Lavoipierre grew up together in country NSW and they’re determined to entertain you, but can’t agree on how.

As the clock runs down, the mysteries pile up. Whose blood is that? How many times can you play Billy Joel’s Piano Man in an hour? And did any Bunnings employees make it to the show this time?

Join Jane & Ange as they pit the entire genre of jazz against a bucket of very nice blood, with ferocious charm and confusing amounts of confidence.

Praise for Jazz Or A Bucket Of Blood:
“A giddy, chaotic double-act, devoted to farce... and a very good fake blood recipe” - The Sydney Morning Herald
"Faux-amateur, absurd, and very funny... a highly polished piece of work" - Stage Whispers

Praise for Ange:
★★★★ “A rising star of Australian comedy” - InDaily (AUS)
★★★★ “Mind melting sh*t” - The Skinny (UK)

Praise for Jane:
“A one woman tour de force” - The Buzz
“Jane’s superb characterisation is spellbinding” - Stage Milk