Intimate Spectacle presents sound~body



WHEN: 25 Apr 2024 – 27 Apr 2024

COST: $25-$35

TICKETS: Register Now

VENUE: 107 Redfern

Join us for another immersive adventure at 107 Redfern, with three new short duets, each between a composer/musician and choreographer/dancer.

Azzam and Jack, Ria and Jade Dewi, Cloé and Hamed draw inspiration from club culture, street dance, Javanese court arts, Bali temple ritual, personal relationships, and more, for an exhilarating night of intimate performance.

3 collaborations, 3 works, 3 spaces, 6 bodies on stage, creating magic in space and time together.

7:30pm bar opens
8:00pm performance (duration 90 mins)
9:30pm bar open until late

Working it out

Iranian-Australian tar player Hamed Sadeghi and French-Australian dance artist Cloé Fournier, encounter each other on a black and white floor. Like in a game of chess, they are ready for the other’s next move. The tension and camaraderie are palpable. There will be sweat. Now is the beginning of something. Then, perhaps, the ending of that same thing. An ultimate note. A final move.

Echo Mapping

Singing traditional Sudanese melodies while maintaining a commanding stillness, street dancer/choreographer Azzam Mohamed builds with sporadic vocalisations and fluid yet intense choreography. His vocalisations are recorded and manipulated by Jack Prest, building into the sonic atmosphere. Echo Mapping is about knowing when to listen, when to respond, when to lead, when to follow, when to claim space, when to yield it and most importantly when to share it.


Ngayomi/Shelter is a contemplation on water, displacement and hope. Encounter delicate sculptural objects, powerful movement and a mesmerising live soundscape in this intimate experience. Hosted by two wise Jamu aunties, audiences are gently and playfully guided into an intimate encounter with sculptural objects, Jade Dewi Tyas Tunggal’s visceral and sensual movement, and Ria Soemardjo’s bespoke musical instruments and voice. Set in a dystopian future, in a newly regenerating landscape, Ngayomi/Shelter evokes a ceremony for the losses and horror of the past, grounded in hope for the future.