Incomplete Feast #10


WHEN: 6-9PM – 7 Sep 2023

COST: Entry by donation

VENUE: 107 Redfern

Do you want to flesh out a book idea? Ponder what you should plant in your garden? Sing a half-finished song? You can bring anything to an incomplete feast and know it will be accepted with open arms and a celebratory cheers of encouragement. Incomplete feast is a container for all, the only prerequisite is that your contribution is incomplete.

If you come to an incomplete feast, you will gather with like-minded souls, creatives that are likely journeying through what you are experiencing and that can celebrate your process alongside you. Bring yourself, a plate of food to share, and a creative offering in any (incomplete) shape or form to Stomping Ground from 6-9 pm on the first Thursday of each month.
We have a few guidelines that govern the incomplete feasts.

1) When you are sharing, we ask you to present it in a way that doesn’t put yourself down, over-justify or over-explain your idea out of fear of judgement. “Don’t spit on your dish” is a phrase we use to remind people of this point. Our desire is to encourage people to allow their offering to be received and experienced as an entity outside of themselves and to prevent people from speaking harshly about themselves.

2) When sharing, you’re encouraged to ask for specific feedback rather than a generalised “what do you think?” This prevents you from getting overwhelmed, defensive, or not taking ownership over your decisions.

3) Only give feedback when asked, words of encouragement and sharing your experience is welcome. Listen attentively and respectfully.

4) Everyone needs time to share, so if a time limit is required to get through everyone, please be mindful of this.

Any form of creativity is welcome and every incomplete feast is an opportunity to build community and connection. We invite you to dust off those vocal chords, write out a few pages and hunt in your fridge for a dish. We look forward to sharing a feast of ideas and flavours with you.