In Transit


WHEN: Opening Wednesday 6–8pm 30 Sep 2015 – 4 Oct 2015


In Transit explores the physical space –en route– to a new life in Australia and the promise of freedom as well as the transient state of being as we travel the path of self-knowledge, new awakenings and emerging identities. Each artist has created new works which investigate notions of time, language and personal histories.

The exhibiting artists are: Nazanin Marashian, Sahar Nabnik, Neusha Sharifi, Atefeh Hekmat and Neda Farrahi.

Nazanin Marashian's collection of work are centred on the concepts of time and language. Her works on paper and installation reference the time spent in transit to freedom for asylum seekers and the duality in the use of language as a tool to disseminate the fear of otherness.

Sahar Nabnik’s works are also concerned with notions of time and language. Her series of ceramic vessels are adorned with Persian Calligraphy that allude to the language used to describe time spent in transit. Her intention is to reveal the sentiment of solidity and fragility.

Neusha Sharifi's series of semi-abstract paintings are layered with personal narratives and motifs that reflect on the choices we make in our daily interactions and the transit between intention and experience.

Atefeh Hekmat's paintings focus on the mystic element of self reflection and discovery. She draws attention to the temporality of life in order to arrive at her destination both in a physical and a spiritual sense.

Neda Farrahi's work references the concept of the transience of life present in the writings of the famous Persian poet Omar Khayyam. She is concerned about the transit of her own emerging identity between two cultures and notions of the passage of time.

Opening Wednesday 30th September, 6-8pm
Exhibition continues until Sunday 4th October
Gallery open | Wednesday–Saturday 10am–5pm | Sunday 11am–4pm
Artist Talk | Sunday 4th October 1pm.