Improv for RPGs


WHEN: 6:30PM-9PM; 3:30PM-6PM 20 Jun 2023 – 24 Jun 2023

COST: $44-$54



VENUE: 107 Green Square

20 JUNE, 6:30PM-9PM
24 JUNE, 3:30PM-6PM
*Please be aware that there are two events - a Tuesday evening and a Saturday afternoon.

Unleash your inner adventurer and learn to blend improv comedy and tabletop Role-Playing Games (RPGs) in this workshop led by comedian and improviser Hayden Wright (Improv Theatre Sydney). Beginner-friendly, no prior improv or RPG experience necessary!

Join comedian and improviser Hayden Wright (Improv Theatre Sydney, NTNNNNN with Osher Gunsberg) for this introductory workshop that combines improv comedy and tabletop role-playing.

Learn and practice techniques to help make at-home RPGs - like Dungeons & Dragons, Blades in the Dark, Cyberpunk Red and many more - even more fun!

No previous improv or role-playing experience is required, this workshop is designed to be helpful whether you're a first-time dice roller or an experienced Dungeon Master.

Hayden Wright is a dynamic teacher and performer at Improv Theatre Sydney. His teaching approach focuses on unleashing freewheeling fun through a unique blend of improv and theatre techniques, bringing joy to both audiences and gamers playing at home.