WHEN: 14 Mar 2018 – 25 Mar 2018


ID? True is a group show that navigates a deeper involvement with space, environment and self. Three multi disciplinary artists Bradlee Wiseman, Robert Hogan and Daniel Flynn whose work remains closely engaged yet fundamentally separate, test the waters of how artists deal with contemporary pressures, as well as trying to identify a sense of self. Through a variety of disciplines, including painting, drawing and sculpture, each artist will show process and resolved work as part of their final year at UNSW Art and Design.

Opening Wednesday 14th March | 6–8pm.

Continues until Sunday 25th March.

Gallery open Tuesday–Saturday 11am–6pm | Sunday 11am–4pm.

About the Artists

Robert Hogan
Robert Hogan is interested around the terrain vague, which is an indeterminate or residual space that offers a sense of freedom from the homogeneity of the city. Drawing upon personal experiences in subcultures centred around disobedience, the imprecise limits of these spaces allow for the possibility of expression and alternative activities to flourish beyond the rigidity of constructed and controlled spaces.

Daniel Flynn
Daniel Flynn’s practice stems from the general uneasiness with contemporary life. This malaise manifests itself in many ways but most recognisably through large scale textile ‘banners’ which are adorned
with self deprecating remarks which function to discover a truer sense of self. By making coherent the tragicomic complexities of contemporary life, and the despair and scepticism, Flynn is able to render an approach to my work which attempts to make sense of it all.

Bradlee Wiseman
Bradlee Wiseman’s practice revolves around an engagement with space and corresponding themes
of an ongoing understanding of anxiety, identity and being. In particular, creating gestural marks
from emotional responses in reaction to physical objects that surround him. In doing so, navigating a visual language of abstraction through the use of form, colour and composition. Currently, Wiseman is particularly interested in what role the artist plays when making work, by reconstructing his spontaneous process of mark making, he is attempting to challenge and critique his own choices in the art making process.