WHEN: Opening Night: 2 June 6pm | Gallery Open Wed - Sat 11am - 5pm 2 Jun 2022 – 11 Jun 2022


Elvin Edmonds is a Sydney based artist and resides in the suburb of Nortj Parramatta and works as a Graphic Designer in Print.
Elvin has always loved art and always been around art from an early age. He loved drawing and painting since early school days which has blossomed over the years. Elvin studied at UWS Nepean Gaining his Bachelor of Arts Design Degree. The uni course was a very good training ground for his artistic talent to develop as they provided Life drawing classes and illustration workshops with sine renowned artists. He also studied print making and photography.

Before going to uni Elvin first attended East Sydney Tech for two years straight after year 12 high school.
Thus was Elvin’s first introduction to the world of Art where he attended classes for life drawing, ceramics, photography and drawing. This is where Elvin learnt how to draw properly and gain confidence in his artistic ability.

Elvin has been influenced by many great artists through his life such as:
Brett Whiteley
Van Gogh
Francis Bacon
JM Basquait
and Andy Warhol

Elvin has had only one previous Exhibition which was at North Sydney in 2016 at the Anala Art Gallery which was called HEADS UP. This was an series of portraits in a tribute to Australian Artists.
Elvin has been working on this current exhibition for about five years now and is very proud to show people his work in this exhibition “iCON”
Elvin also attended The Julian Ashton College for life drawing classes for two years. Elvin loves to use mixed media in all of his paintings and also incorporate charcoal and conte onto the canvas aswell.