Hugh Grant



WHEN: All day 1 Aug 2017 – 12 Aug 2017


Hugh Grant's work reflects the culture, landscape and social experience of my ecosystem as a young person working and existing in modern culture. I reflect upon this through multiple mediums of which all centre around one form I will name ‘Tree Making’ (Bonsai practice). This natural medium of practice seeks to explore the essence of not just the landscape but an experience of life.

Trees are a seemingly stagnant forms that hold the face of time. They exhibit everything their society and environment offers them. I reflect my own experiences with trees trying to explore an aesthetic, that is in tandem between reflecting natural functional state and my own humanism in Australian culture.

Stereotypically ‘bonsai’ reflects a Japanese aesthetic, these works attempt to disregard that seeking to embrace a new cultural identity. My works seeks to push the boundary of the functionality of a tree, taking traditional bonsai principals and aesthetics to try and create a new more exciting aesthetic.

Window box curated by Jackie Terrett.