WHEN: 13 Sep 2016 – 16 Sep 2016

COST: $18/15

HeySorryGottaGoBye is the second show from Claudia Osborne, an up-and-coming independent theatre maker. It is a multisensory installation performance that sets the audience in the heart of the action, HeySorryGottaGoBye is an honest, funny and compelling exploration of our deepest social phobias.

How many times have you felt paralysed at the thought of a roomful of friends or been tongued-tied by the throwaway comments of another? Have you ever chosen to bury your head under the covers rather than face a room of seemingly unfamiliar friends? Have you ever wished you could just to dissolve, wanting to be anywhere but here?

What if you couldn’t make this feeling go away? HeySorryGottaGoBye explores the idea that social anxiety is an issue that even seemingly happy, carefree people experience on a day-to-day basis. It doesn’t matter if our experiences range from flitters of whispered paranoid thoughts to a terrify beast that must be fought tooth and nail, we think it might be time to talk!

Experience a quirky blend of animation, puppetry, film and immersive soundscapes and let yourself be transported into the mind of Wally, a young man plagued by the nightmares of his own insecurities.

This is a Sydney Fringe Festival event.

Tuesday September 13 8pm | Wednesday September 14 6pm & 8.30pm | Thursday September 15 8pm | Friday September 16 8pm | BUY TICKETS