Hatched Academy Open Mic



WHEN: 5-8.30pm – 7 Jul 2018

COST: $15 (one show), $25 (all shows)

TICKETS: Book now

Ensemble Offspring has gathered together young musicians with a thirst for the wild and the new under the banner of our Hatched Academy. For Hatched Open Mic 2018, we have chosen a bunch of awesome emerging Sydney artists who we think you need to know about. Sink yourself into the soundscapes of Freya Schack-Arnott and friends, sho prince Henry Liang in partnership with flute genius Naomi Johnson, and a crazy improvisatory set from Ensemble Onsombl.

The theme of blurred lines of musical authorship as well as blurred lines of sound pervades all three programs. Each show shines a spotlight on the musical world we currently inhabit, where performer and composer are constantly crossing the boundaries of their traditional roles, and sounds merge and transform to create genuinely new sonic worlds.

You can come to any one of the programs for $15, but hearing all three for $25 is the best way to give yourself the full immersive experience of the magic limits of sound.

Set times:

5pm Freya Schack-Arnott (cello) with guests
6:15pm Henry Liang (sho/flute) & Naomi Johnson (flute)
7:30pm Ensemble Onsombl

About Hatched Academy

Musical mavericks Ensemble Offspring created the Hatched Academy development program to build opportunities for talented and daring emerging artists, with mentorship to help them bring their music to the world. This includes setting up a platform for young musicians with innovative styles and fresh ideas to perform their own music for a public audience for one night only. We call this our Open Mic Night.