Hands Made


WHEN: 31 Aug 2016 – 11 Sep 2016


Hands Made is an exhibition of young Sydney art makers who have found each other through the contemporary workings of fate; work, share housing, Tinder, and dancing. This exhibition will bring together a diverse range of practices and artworks, exploring the similarities and differences, and as a result will serve to start discussions on pervasive influences and how interpretation and creativity can be infinitely variable. What the artists involved hope to gain from the exhibition is a mode of sharing their work with a new and larger network of fellow art makers and the general public in the increasingly intimidating “real world” setting, outside of their respective studios, bedrooms and social media platforms.

Opening Wednesday 31st August | 6–8pm.

Exhibition continues until Sunday 11th September.

Gallery open Tuesday–Saturday 11am–6pm | Sunday 11am–4pm

Vanessa Nguyen

Vanessa Nguyen’s work is highly influenced by nature and the female body. The resulting detailed line work is used to allure and conjure a sense of mystery to the characters and subjects she presents. Drawn by hand - graceful and ethereal, she explores themes of femininity.


jimbobjameson (James D. McDonald)

Working with pattern and repetition jimbobjameson's ink on paper drawings evolve over the course of their creation. With no premeditated image in mind this practice relies on chance and a system of aesthetic choices to a point where the artist perceives a recognisable form.


Lucy Nixon (pixeltits)

Lucy Nixon (pixeltits) is a Sydney based illustrator who works with gouache and ink to create vibrant, fluid imagery. Drawing inspiration from her curiosity of the unknown, she uses her art to explore humanities strained relationship with nature and form visual narratives from her otherwise jumbled thoughts.

Lucy completed her Bachelor of Design in Visual Communication from UTS in 2015.


Josh Eltherington (elthrowup)

Elthrowup takes inspiration from 80s and 90s anime, pencil drawn storyboards, 'ugly sketches' and softcore homoerotica - his work balances on the edge of masculinity and femininity, breaking down the various stereotypes in between. Dirty pencil lines, messy paintwork and strange perspectives are where he collects his kicks.


Michael Tomkins

Michael Tomkins' work is inspired by the colour and light of the Australian landscape. He works predominately from life inspired by the impermanence of a moment. Broad brush work and vibrant vibrating colours are elements which run throughout much of his work. His fascination with the mystical also helps to drive the storytelling in his more illustrative work.

Michael is a freelance digital artist who works with many clients in his professional life, making a living from art.


Sophie P-Y

Sophie P-Y is an emerging video and mixed media artist, from the leafy suburbs of Canberra, Her childhood was a mixture of twilight dinners and music with her mother's bohemian friends and watching her grandmother design large public gardens and flower festivals.

Since graduating from University of Sydney College of the Arts in 2014, Sophie’s work has been exhibited at Hong Kong Art Central, throughout Europe and at various galleries around Sydney. Sophie has also been commissioned to create works for the Lee Matthews Fashion Week Show and various music events including the At First Site Festival, she also collaborated on a work for Vivid at the University of Sydney.

Sophie's work explores myth, memory, the unconscious and the absurd, and it’s place in the digital age.


Andrew Tennent & Hannah Spencer

Andrew Tennent and Hannah Spencer are the artists behind Kaiba ceramics. This collection deviates from their brand and showcases their love for woodfired functional ware. They are inspired by both modern and traditional Japanese ceramic artists and techniques