HALFWORLD – Presented by Matriark Theatre


WHEN: 7 - 8 PM 16 Aug 2013 – 18 Aug 2013

COST: $20

HALFWORLD– presented by Matriark Theatre
The world has ended; one boy is left, alone in the rubble and the chaos.

This boy, or Mr Boy as he now calls himself, has begun constructing a new world, revising the old one and learning to survive in the HalfWorld between his imagination and his reality.

Using eccentric puppetry and mask as well as a massive blanket fort, HalfWorld, explores the ever-growing sanitisation of imagination and pays homage to the childmyths we’ve loved and lost in accepting our unrejectable responsibility.

Developed by Matriark; a group of bold, young, eclectics creating original works. Shaking loose underused imaginations. Temporal, Visual, Communal.

One Week Only

16 August, 7pm                                                                     17 August, 2pm & 7pm                                                               18 August, 2pm & 7pm

Adults: $20 Student: $15      Tix can be purchased at TRYBOOKING (from July 1

Website: www.matriarkarttheatre.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/matriarkarttheatre

Contact: info@matriarkarttheatre.com