Hack Sounds


WHEN: Session 1: 1pm - 3pm (all ages), Session 2: 6pm - 8pm (18+) 4 Oct 2022 –

COST: Free

TICKETS: Register for Session One (All Ages), Register for Session Two (18+)

VENUE: 107 Green Square

Hack Sounds is an entry point into the world of electronic music production where anyone can learn to make music in a relaxed and inclusive social setting. Using accessible and fun instruments, participants develop collaboration and performance skills while learning basic music theory and music production.

Inclusively designed from the ground up, Hack Sounds brings together trained and untrained musicians with varying abilities and experiences into a shared learning space to collaborate and build skills.

Session 1: 1-3 pm (All ages)

Session 2: 6-8 pm (Over 18)