Grace Turner and Imogen Pemberton


WHEN: 7pm – 7 Oct 2015

COST: $10

Grace Turner will be launching her EP Long Way Home: Live at Turning Studios and Imogen Pemberton will be releasing her debut Single Flight at their double launch at 107 Projects.

Grace Turners debut EP presents a delicate insight into the haunting honesty that is ever present throughout Graces work. Graces voice will enthrall you with its seductive depth, warbling guitar tones will lull you further and all the while lamenting on truths of love and loss.

Imogen Pemberton’s debut Single ‘Flight’ reveals her unique voice and style intertwining elements of folk, soul and electronic soundscape. Joined live by guitarist Jamil Zacharia and multiple vocal harmonies Imogen’s performance captures time and is infectiously uplifting.

This will be an intimate and wonderful night of music not to be missed.