Glassblowing and Sculpting on the Flame: Workshop with Mark Eliott for Sydney Craft Week



WHEN: 10am-5pm 9 Oct 2017 – 10 Oct 2017

COST: $260-520

Learn how to sculpt and blow a variety of glass objects for decoration or utility in the flame. If you have ever wanted to experience the huge creative possibilities of working and blowing molten glass at a scale which is both manageable and affordable, then this is the course for you; whether you want to make it into a profession or simply enjoy a unique, one-off life experience.

This course will cover many of the basic techniques for working with clear and coloured borosilicate glass in the flame including sculpting, joining, stretching, blowing, encasement and colour mixing. You will learn the basic skills necessary to make glass animal and figurative forms, small abstract sculptures vessels such as scent bottles, Christmas tree decorations and branching forms such as a glass tree.

Cost is $270 per day or $520 for both days (concession $260 and $500). Day one or previous experience is required for day two. Minimum age 12. Max 8 Students. To book email: