Glass Wind Improvisations



WHEN: 29 Mar 2017 – 9 Apr 2017


A virgin collection of Playable objects and collectable glasstruments – some of which will be made during the opening night for a team of experts in the art of improvising mesmeric sound works with improbable equipment. The only musical instructions will be: Do not attempt to play freshly-blown objects until the glass has cooled!

An introductory glass-blowing workshop will also be held concurrent to the exhibition on April 8th-9th. For information contact Mark at mark [at] or phone 0411767346.

Opening Wednesday 29th March | 6–8pm.

Exhibition continues until Sunday 9th April.

Gallery open Tuesday–Saturday 11am–6pm | Sunday 11am–4pm.

The exhibition will be opened by artist in glass: Maureen Cahill AM.


Mark Eliott

Mark Eliott's glass artwork spans sculptural abstraction, biological representation and story telling. Much of his work is informed by music, synaesthesia, nature and mythology. He teaches, is undertaking a PHD at the ANU, does interactive demonstrations and purchases carbon credits to offset his energy use. Mark has renounced the doctrine of mundane reality, having now become a firm believer in the fundamental extraordinariness of life and the world.

Jim Denley

Jim feels that if there is to be a relevant new music for our time/space it must start with a deep listening to the world – not imposing anthropocentric constructions on it. To this end he's emphasized spontaneity, site-specific work and collaboration in his work - he makes no distinctions between his roles as instrumentalist, improviser and composer. He’s just released a new solo CD, Cut Air on the Norwegian label SOFA.

Shota Matsumura

Born 1992 - is interested in the vastness of knowing and unknowing manifesting in manifesting. He has performed extensively as an exploratory trumpeter.

Axel Powrie

Axel is a musician and artist who enjoys exploring the symbolic and conceptual aspects of objects and the sounds they create. He oscillates between being attracted to and repelled by traditional ideas of musicianship. He currently enjoys listening to and creating aggressive, minimalist anti-music and youtube house music.

Mimi Kind

Mimi is driven by her curiosity for different sound worlds. With a background as a classical flautist and teacher, she fuses her knowledge of the classical music tradition with her fascination in inventing music-making machines and installations. A recent project was the Rhythm Machine, an instrument she built and performs on in various settings, including the 2016 NowNow Festival, and the Vivid: Sound Gardens festival. In September 2016 she performed a composition for two ‘singing flutes’ in the Kaldor Arts/Conservatorium concert: Echoes of the Garden Palace. She has studied composition at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, completing a Bachelor of Music Studies (Composition) during which she studied with Damien Ricketson.

Photography: Rhiannon Hopley

Videography: Dennis de Caires