Full Metal Europe Vinyl Launch


WHEN: 8pm-12am – 5 Nov 2016

COST: $10 on door

This is a rare opportunity to witness 3 acts all completely different but all with the common goal of experimentation and joy.

Scattered Order, who founded the legendary Australian post punk M Squared label in 1980 and have been confounding listeners for decades with their genre bending approach to sound, will present a collection of new songs where the dark and heavy noise element is inverted and moods come to the surface in furtive fleeting moments primarily through voice samples sticky with thick chugging rhythms. The dynamics of the accumulated collections of samples when they entrain into repetitive and slowly shifting patterns create a hypnotic and surrealistic space.

The Loop Orchestra will present a back to basics set of random meanderings and immersive reminiscences. In honour of the tradition set down by one of their founding members - John Blades, who sadly passed away 5 years ago in November 2011 - they'll be scouring through the archives of oblivion‚ sourcing their loops from lost, forgotten and heartlessly discarded dungeon tapes. This is sure to be confounding, revealing and restorative.

A Cloakroom Assembly, the solo vehicle of Scattered Order's Michael Tee/Coffey, will open the proceedings with a set of rather droll, pretty, mrrky and cinematic soundpictures. A music that changes the colour of a room.

Live visuals will be provided by Living Science Dept.