Freedom Frenzy #1 for Julian Assange



WHEN: 6pm - 12am – 19 Oct 2019

COST: $10


Freedom Frenzy is an Awareness campaign for freedom of speech and transparency,using a gathering of musicians and performing artists to facilitate the immediate release of multi award winning Julian Assange (the founding member of Wikileaks) on this their 13th anniversary.

Expect a night of entertainment and light hearted celebratory conversation about the future of planet earth and all her population. If you havent heard of Wikileaks or don't really know about Julian Assange then come along and spend the evening with us and ask. Wikileaks has only even revealed the truth. Never a lie. Julian is rotting in a English max security prison. The Australian government and opposition has done nothing. This a job for the Australian people to complete by working together in groups to protect Julian and all Australians. It's Wikileaks 13th birthday. Let's celebrate the freedom of speech this can give us and future generations.

In alphabetical order Banana Republic, Billy Field, Boudicca, Junie and the Guilty pleasures, Martin Luther Queen, Nikita Ra, Oh Reach, Sasha March, Suami Amabel, Trios Compas.